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Peace Education In Kennedy And Moriba Town Communities Kakua Chiefdom


Movement towards Education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone in partnership with Young Peacebuilders have synergize their efforts with an overall mission of embarking on peace education and intensive leadership training interventions in schools and communities in helping to turn the trend that often makes many youths and children involved in violence, drug abuse etc. Our interventions have been empowering youths and children to promote peace and non-violence, support success, and or be part of transparent and credible leadership formation in their communities. 

This project have been designed in using the strongest societal problem-solving strategies such as education, advocacy, sensitization and awareness raising campaign programmes to reach out, mobilize, re-orientate and build the capacity of youth, children in and out of schools by setting up peace clubs in schools to capacitate them on the issues of drug abuse, alcohol and rudiments of peace, mindfulness, good leadership and non-violence, emphasizing on the need for them to be fully involved in the entire process of actualization of this goal in Bo and Sierra Leone at large. The peace education project started operations in two schools, United Brethren in Christ which is in Moriba town and the Aladura Junior Secondary School which is in the Kennedy community in Kakua chiefdom.

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