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School Sponsorship Programme Implementation in Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District For 2018/2019 Academic Year


In our actions and commitment in working towards Sustainable Development Goal four (4) and thus the successful continuous implementation of a planned School Sponsorship Programme for vulnerable children. Earlier in 2017, just after the baseline survey on out of school children in Kori Chiefdom, the organization introduced a school sponsorship, and started with ten (10) vulnerable children, who were selected across seven villages across Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District. The School Sponsorship Programme provided the beneficiaries with access to school and learning materials which involve a pair of school uniform, a pair of shoe, a dozen of notebook, a school bag, a dozen pens, and pencils in helping to aid their learning process. The project also focused its activities on spreading awareness and motivating parents across the Kori Chiefdom on the importance of early childhood education, especially girls, facilitating and supporting the model of child friendly education system to create interest amongst vulnerable children towards the formal education system. 

At the end of 2016/2017 academic year, the project beneficiaries were evaluated to know their impact in the School Sponsorship Programme. Out of the ten (10) beneficiaries that were selected for the 2016/2017 academic year, upon evaluation our assessment proves that these beneficiaries’ performance increases greatly towards their schooling and social life. The performance of these vulnerable children and the positive response of the parents, school committees and stakeholders towards the project helped us to achieve a success rate of 85% impact upon evaluation in the first year. And the intervention of our project further helped to ignite much interest amongst other vulnerable children and community members towards the formal education system across Kori Chiefdom.

This has been a very important step in achieving the goal of the project which focuses on helping vulnerable children to access better education, to armed them with the courage and self-confidence to better themselves, families, communities, and ultimately their next generation. For 2017/2018 academic, the organization continues with the same selected children, by further helping them with access to learning materials like, a pair of uniforms, notebooks, a pair of shoe, a school bag, pens, pencils, eraser and sharpener. We further had engagement meetings with their various schools and parents regarding how they will continue monitoring these children and helping them to study during their leisure time at home so as helping to maintain their stay in our School Sponsorship Programme.

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